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First Look: BP Oysterette Progresses

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It's about time a decent seafood spot hit the beach. And we're certainly not referring to SBE's takeover of Gladstone's, that shall be an interesting one. Rather, the Hamptons meets Cape Code seafood spot BP Oysterette is coming together nicely. The creamy marble oyster counter is up, as is most of the open kitchen and many lighting fixtures, so you get an idea of what the space will look like once completed around the third week of September. Those wooden picnic tables are going to be moved outside the restaurant for that low key "shack" feel, and a short fence will be constructed to separate the al fresco dining space from the street walkway. The interior seat situation includes wicker stool/chairs at the bar, with one long banquette spanning the left wall and simple metal tables for two. Blue Plate's executive chef Violet Robles will oversee the seafood-heavy menu and, as for beverages, the Oysterette plans to offer a handful or beers/wines to complete that ocean-friendly meal.
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