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UmamiWire: Outposts 2 and 3, The Details

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Some more details to follow up on last week's reveal of the Umami situation underway. Owner Adam Fleischman hopes to open location two in early September, but this time around the Umami Burger space will enlarge to three times the size of the original and serve an expanded bistro-style menu with oysters, steak, "green" fried-chicken, plus those burgers. Another spin will be the added Japanese beer bar that seats 20 called Salaryman (the Japanese term for a corporate drone) which will be attached to Umami but also have its own separate entrance. As for location three, its slated to take over a dining space at Fred Segal in Santa Monica and hopefully launch in November. As far as layout and food, expect Umami at Fred Segal to mimic the upcoming spot in East Hollywood with beer/wine and the expanded menu, but an added bonus for Westsiders will be an outdoor patio area and breakfast. Look out for the breakfast burger...just kidding, but maybe... [EaterWire]

Umami Burger

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