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Plywood Report: The Den of Hollywood

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Holy bejeezers, yet another restaurant is moving into the old Wacky Waffles, Hadaka Sushi spot, this time no kitsch included. From owner Michael Gans comes The Den of Hollywood taking a stab at 8226 W. Sunset in about two to three weeks. Executive chef Dan Murray (Jiraffe, The Viceroy) is working on an American menu that will include the basics like burgers, fish and chips, and an "upscale bar food" menu available into the wee hours. Last time the term (or oxymoron?) "upscale bar food" was thrown around, not everybody was a happy camper. Anyway, The Den will take shape as more of a restaurant/lounge than simply a restaurant. For those ready to imbibe, look forward to fresh fruit juices cocktails in addition to beer and wine all served until 1:30a. And see that large space surrounded by the black gates? That is going to become outdoor patio dining, all of which will be open seven days a week with a no reservation policy. [EaterWire]

Note: The original version of this post reported that the Vintage Bar Group was involved with this restaurant. Management has subsequently confirmed they're not, so we've changed the post to reflect that.