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Plywood Report: SanSai, Fresh Bites, Pizza Fusion, CasaLinda, All About the Bread!, and Bartleby

WeHo: As last reported in May, a couple of fast-casual restaurants were in the process of opening at 7950 W. Sunset. SanSai Japanese Grill has since opened, but Fresh Bites is still in the plywood stage as evidenced above. Also in the same complex comes location two for Pizza Fusion, an organic pizza, sandwich, salad (and alcohol) spot that opened its first restaurant in Santa Monica at the end of June. [PLYWOOD]

Venice: Signage and an awning are up over at CasaLinda on Abbot Kinney. Stay tuned for Mexican eats from the owners of Hal's. Remember what the space used to look like? So far so good. [PLYWOOD]

Mid-City: A few doors down from M Cafe on Melrose (same little complex) comes All About the Bread! This is a welcome addition for those not interested in waiting in those weekend and lunchtime lines. [PLYWOOD]

Hollywood: Construction at Bartleby, the piano bar that was supposedly taking over Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce, has been stalled. Designer Kris Keith and the Spacecraft crew were working on the interior brutalist design but rumor has it that owners ran out of money. Should be a while before the place actually opens, if it does at all. Fingers crossed. [PLYWOOD]

7111 Melrose Ave., los angeles ca