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EaterWire: Ben Fatto Updates, More Froyo Moving In

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Photo: Yelp

CULVER CITY— As previously reported, Thierry Perez, former co-owner of Fraiche and Riva has been working on his upcoming restaurant Ben Fatto, also to be located in Culver City. Word on the street is that Perez has taken over the defunct old school diner Crest House restaurant on Washington Blvd., and will renovate the space to create "a rustic Italian restaurant and cafe serving breakfast, lunch and dinner." [EaterWire]

FROYO LAND— The great froyo melt has ceased (at least for now), and two new shops recently popped up. By La Brea and Olympic comes Yogurt Beyond, and over on the other side of town is newcomer Foreplay, oops, Froplay. Situated on Santa Monica Blvd. in West LA, Froplay serves up flavors like snickerdoodle, bubble yum, peppermint patty. And for a little plywood to round out the day, Yogurt Storm is under construction in the old A Silver Lining space next to Z Pizza on Larchmont. [EaterWire]