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The Dish: Sweet Love Hangover Now Serving

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Hollywood: It's been another series of delays but Sweet Love Hangover, situated on the ground floor of Playhouse inside the old Fox Theater, finally threw open it's doors yesterday afternoon. There's no sign up just yet and the exterior looks a bit shoddy, but its evident that the smallish, sleek, beige-hued space created by Rob Vinokur (Crobar) and Hollywood producer Elie Samaha doesn't quite resemble the futuristic, neon-colored restaurant that we had expected. However, all that is yet to come. SLH will be soft opened for the next month, but come October the restaurant will get another revamp with all that Jetsons-esque paraphernalia, new chairs, colored lights, you get the picture. Until then, take a peek at the current interior and the American comfort menu that is now being served.
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