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The Dish: The Smokin’ Joint, Now Grillin'

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Mid-City: As of today, The Smokin' Joint "Fine California BBQ" is now soft opened according to Blackburn + Sweetzer. The smokey spot was actually ready to open mid-July, but as a result of parking issues the debut was delayed until today. Owner Michael Kesler tells us he is still putting some final touches on the space (though it looks pretty finished to us) but the tvs, including one massive 9-screen set up, are in place and playing footage from old rock and jazz concerts. As for the fare, pick from fried pickles, baked potatoes with mascarpone, bacon and chives, and a ton of other options, plus the usual slew of grilled/smoked meats. 8486 West 3rd Street; 323-655-7427 [EaterWire]