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GLAAD Hancock Park Top Chef Invasion: The Winner!

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Thanks for all the fun entries for the GLAAD Hancock Park Top Chef Invasion. Although there can be only one winner, several entries were highly amusing so we've decided to share those as well. In third place is Carla declaring a veggie dish is going to come out of her, and in second place (with major bonus points for the video and photos) is another Carla moment, this time her minor breakdown in front of the judges.

And now for the winner who will receive two tickets to this weekend's Top Chef cook off and a bunch of VIP schwag. The cake goes to Fabio's hilarious complaint about Jamie repeatedly cooking with scallops, "This is Top Chef, not Top Scallops!"

Thanks again to all who submitted entries. Remember, if you want to go to this weekend's Top Chef Invasion, tickets are still available and can purchased here. Thanks to GLAAD for offering these tickets to Eater LA readers.

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