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EaterWire: Fried Pickles and Pulled Pork at The Smokin' Joint, Food Truck Wars Cont.

MID-CITY— On the heels of The Smokin' Joint's opening on Friday, B+S stopped by over the weekend to take a bite. Preview initial thoughts here. [EaterWire]

OUT AND ABOUT— The food truck wars are heating up after last week's hyper-aggressive ticketing of trucks and Eating LA reports that Barbie's Q was recently asked to hit the road too (ha, no pun intended) "by the restaurants on the Baja Fresh/Johnnie's/O to Go strip." A food truck fan dished to us that he has been emailing back and forth with Councilmember Tom LaBonge's office (re: the truck fiasco) and today received back the below printed letter:

"The Councilmember duty is to always up hold the law. The trucks can provide the service that so many people patron, so long as they do so legally. Nonetheless, having had so many people show interest in having the trucks at that
location it is my understanding that Officer Lopez is working with the food vendors to have them move onto private property."
Private property? Sounds sketchy. Thoughts welcome. [EaterWire]