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Rumormongering: Where Oh Where Will Ludo Land?

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This past Saturday marked the last night of dinner service at Ludo Lefebvre's temporary incarnation of LudoBites at Breadbar. Overall seems like Ludo had a solid three month run punctuated by his stint on Top Chef Masters to his favorable review by the Goldster. This weekend several food bloggers stopped by LudoBites for a last meal or sorts, or at least until Ludo opens up a permanant restaurants like he hinted at last week. Before getting into that, some bloggers recap Ludo's last hurrah: My Last Bite, KevinEats, The Active Foodie, and LAist. And now on to more good stuff. Fellow foodie The Provender shares some juicy gossip about a possible location for Ludo's new restaurant. According to a friend, Ludo " is close to taking over the Rita Flora space at the corner of 6th and La Brea," but since close doesn't count unless you are playing horseshoes, more to come as the tipline allows. [EaterWire]

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