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EaterWire: OC Beer Fest, Bastide Action, Bigman Burger

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OC— With so many great breweries down South it's no surprise that OC is finally hosting a beer festival of its own. This Sunday from 2-5p at Irvine Lake come to the OC Beer Festival and sample more than 50 microbrews, selections from top local breweries, and over 120 domestic and international beers on tap. Tix are $40 for unlimited drinking and must be purchased in advance. [Eaterwire]

WEHO Bastide got the shutter about nine months ago, and since then the space at 8475 Melrose has remained eerily quiet. Squid Ink recently placed a phone call to the kitchen that was Bastide, and apparently something is brewing because a recording said that "improvements" are being made. Should be interesting to see what sprouts next. [SI]

SILVER LAKE— And in ever more burger news, signage was spotted for Bigman Burger opening in Sept. on Sunset near Hoover. No specifics yet but more to come. [EaterWire]