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EaterWire: Pasadena's The Counter Almost Ready, White Trash Wine Tasting '09, KFC to KFC

Noah Galuten
Noah Galuten
Photo: Squid Ink

PASADENAThe Counter’s takeover of Radhika's at 140 Shopper's Lane has been under construction for about six months, but the end is finally near. An Eater operative reports that The Counter's newest location should open the last week of August or the first week of September. [EaterWire]

EAGLE ROCK— The Colorado Wine Company knows how to party, white trash style! In two weeks from Saturday (9/12), the third annual White Trash Wine Tasting, aka WTWT '09 (pronounced "wuht wuht oh nine"), will take place featuring your fave 7-11 eats. Let's see. There will be fried pork rinds, cheese whiz rolled in wonder bread, tater tot casserole and bacon-wrapped Lemonheads, all specially paired with flavor-harmonizing wines. $20 per person, RSVP here for tix. [EaterWire]

PALMS— KFC has taken over an old KFC, kinda. After an old Kentucky Fried Chicken chain shuttered, a new tenant also called KFC has moved in, but in this case "KFC" stands for "Kind For Cures" and the new shop sells another kind of edible and smokeable, pot. [SI]