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StarWatch: Justin and Jess at Blue on Blue, Quentin Tarantino at Ago, Chris Pine at LudoBites

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Here we are with another short installment of StarWatch, where we out the favorite restaurants of the famous and semi-famous. Spot a celeb eyeing a menu? Send all tips right this way.

1) Blue on Blue: "Ate lunch yesterday (8/27) at the Avalon Hotel and spotted Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel eating too. They were both dressed as if they had just worked out." [StarWatch Inbox]

2) Ago: Quentin Tarantino and some fifteen colleagues were spied eating dinner on Tuesday in The Wine Cellar Room. [StarWatch Inbox]

3) LudoBites: "Was dining at LudoBites (pre-shutter) and saw actor Chris Pine sitting with a blonde woman. Some friends went over to say hi and asked for a picture, he declined but was pleasant. Who knew he had such good taste in food? ;)" [StarWatch Inbox]


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