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Plywood Report: Marbella, T Salon, Schmidt's Brauhaus, First & Hope

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A late afternoon installment of Plywood for you before the weekend begins. Let us know if you spot something in your 'hood.

1) Hollywood: Marbella, part club part restaurant located on Hollywood at Highland in the old Montmarte space, is currently being billed as "a Spanish-kissed reimagining of vintage Hollywood’s intimate glamour" per its initial PR report. The nightclub is set to open at the end of September, with its tapas-serving "supper club" restaurant to follow. As for the decor, expect a high kitsch factor from this description: "the best of Spain [meets] the Roaring Twenties." The website is up, but most tabs are still placeholders. Check out the above shots for a first look. [PLYWOOD] —Yvonne Ip

2) Mid-City: Next door to All About the Bread!, comes another space under construction in the M Cafe shopping strip on Melrose, a tea shop and cafe called T Salon. Take a look at the original NY location via the website to get a sneak peek of what's to come. [PLYWOOD]

Note: Marbella photos added.

3) Downtown: It's been over a year since the original report on Schmidt’s Brauhaus which is now estimated to open this fall. The German-inspired "biergarten" will offer traditional communal table seating in an open dining space and serve sausages, schnitzels, pretzels, and more Eastern European favorites. Oh yes, and beer. For renderings of the space, click here. [PLYWOOD]

4) Downtown: In another dose of downtown news, the transformation from Promenade to First & Hope at 701 w 1st Street should be complete by this fall. Look for a modern American comfort food menu. [PLYWOOD]