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The Dish: The Gorbals Starts Serving Tonight

Downtown: After this week's unforeseen delay, Ilan Hall opens his snazzified Jewish food-inspired eatery The Gorbals in the Alexandria Hotel tonight. First came the full "affordable" menu, and now just in some interior shots of the space in its very simplistic, pared down glory. Unadorned white walls encompass communal and individual wooden tables with wooden stools around the bar and kitchen counter, all of which seat about 70 in totality. Very little color, if any, is added to the room by the stained glass windows (note that no real windows exist) that look out into the hotel lobby. The sparseness is vaguely reminiscent of Hatfield's when it first opened, but even then Hatfield's had a much brighter, warmer tone. Anyway, the resy line is open and accepting requests from tomorrow forward.
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The Gorbals

501 S Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 213 488 3408 Visit Website