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SausageWire: Spoc's Opens in Westwood

Back in the day (about 3 years ago) when Rustic Canyon originally opened, Samir Mohajer was the first chef onboard who ran the seasonal kitchen. He eventually left to focus on his own venture, Cabbage Patch, which opened six months ago. Maybe its restaurant ADD, but last week Samir already opened his second eatery, a hot dog stand called Spoc's. Located in Westwood Village at the old Roll Inn space, Spoc's serves nine different types of hot dogs and sausages on rolls from La Brea Bakery. The eatery is open until 11p Mon-Sat, and will its Sunday debut this coming weekend. Eventually Samir plans to stay open post 11p to cater to the late night bar hoppers. [SausageWire]