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EaterWire: Veggie Grill News, CaCaonMexicatessen Opens, an In-N-Out Lawsuit

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WEST HOLLYWOOD— Come September LA will have a more convenient outpost of The Veggie Grill opening at the Sunset Plaza. The West Hollywood space marks location number four for the veggie-based fast-casual restaurant mini chain. [EaterWire]

EAGLE ROCK— LA, a city with tons of Mexican gems, recently acquired a newbie CaCao Mexicatessen. It's been a while since the initial reportage, but the cafe/deli finally opened up on July 31 and Food GPS caught a bite of the mexican fare. [Food GPS]

OCIn-N-Out Burger won a recent lawsuit against a Chicago copycat who was going for the name Nicky’s In-N-Out. The copycat even tried to pilfer In-N-Out's signage, evidenced above. [OCR]