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Plywood Report: La Bottega Marino #3, K2, Prime Bar, The Red Onion, Philippe

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Beverly Hills: Another update from Sal Marino's tomato garden. Planning to open this September at 9669 Santa Monica Blvd. is the third and largest outpost of La Bottega Marino which will also showcase a completely new look when finished. The casual Italian eatery plans to offer the same menu as available at the previous locations but with a few new dishes plus beer/wine. [EaterWire]

Mid-City: The owners behind Kokomo Cafe (aka the Peach Pit) on Beverly have taken over another defunct Eat Well space, this time on Sunset in Silver Lake. Potentially called K2, the new venture, which is currently under construction, will open within the next few months and serve American fare similar to eats available at Kokomo. While the concept hasn't been completely solidified, talks of a long bar for counter service and burgers is in the works. [EaterWire]

Century City: French 75/Savannah shuttered about a year ago after chef David Wilhelm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The space located in Westfield mall has remained vacant for some time now but signage for Prime Bar was recently spotted. More to come. [EaterWire]

West Hollywood: Govind Armstrong was rumored to be taking over the old Chocolat space on Melrose to reinstall Table 8, but plans were first delayed for the reopen to early 2009, then the move completely fell through. In Govind's place comes a spot to be named The Red Onion and it looks like a biggie. Construction is underway for the big O, take a glimpse above for the initial stages. [EaterWire]

West Hollywood: And across the street Dolce's signage has been removed from 8284 Melrose Ave. and Philippe has added lettering of its own confirming the September debut. [EaterWire]