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First Look: David Judaken's East

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Hollywood: Dark meets light at David Judaken's forthcoming restaurant East which is scheduled to debut September 10. After over a year of trackage and three year in the making, here's what to expect. Dodd Mitchell has designed (literally out of a dirt lot) a low-slung uber hip lounge veiled in darkness that will become illuminated by a long fireplace against a window that looks out on to Hollywood Blvd. Past the bar and lounge will be a clear glass raw bar, a communal dining table, and several booths that seat 10. Next comes the transformation of the space into an "Asian church" as Judaken described, with a 65-foot high atrium, skylights, stone walls painted white and a succession of confessional-esque booths carved into one of the long white walls. Dark wooden trellising both in the booths and in the lounge add to the confessional feel as does the abundance of candles which will exclusively light the 120-seat dining space. The overall Asian theme transfers over to Keven Alan Lee's (Lutece in Vegas) pan-Asian menu that will focus on light, heathy fare. This one's gonna be a looker, folks. Fingers crossed the food will match up.
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