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Hangover Observations: Capitol City Pre-Party

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Last night we popped by the pre-opening party for Curtis Nysmith's soon-to-be sports bar, Capitol City. Though it doesn't officially launch until September 19, the space, which is H.U.G.E. (7,000 square feet to be exact), was mostly finished with furniture and such in place. We noticed tvs galore (precisely 45 of them) as well as a massive 14 by 8 foot hi-def screen which is, well, large and in charge. Here's a breakdown of the space: front patio, bar area with 30-foot long bar, two large private dining areas on the mezzanine level, and an oversized enclosed back patio complete with two private bungalows. Passed bites were quickly gobbled up by the crowd but those lucky enough to catch a server sampled tasty Sicilian meatball sliders with marinara sauce on Hawaiian bread and house-smoked pork ribs so tender they slid right off the bone.

Unfortunately, the bar wasn't quite ready and only four of the thirty beers on tap were available for tastes, gr. On another note, remember that original mention of The Chelsea Arms gastropub opening within Capitol City? Well, that name has been scratched and while an English pub will open within Capitol City, it is currently unnamed and won't debut November.
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—Yolanda Evans