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First Look: Cafe Habana Malibu

Back again with more juice on the East to West transplant of Cafe Habana and Cafe Habana Outpost plus initial shots of the space. As previously stated, Cafe Habana will open in the outdoor eco-friendly mall, the Malibu Lumber Yard with the debut slated for December. On the Venice Outpost front, this second eatery is still in the planning stages so no big updates here just yet. Owner Sean Meenan has brought on board partner Richard Ampudia (consultant for NYC's La Esquina) who will oversee both projects. In terms of the Cafe Habana menu, Richard plans to create an expanded menu that utilizes local farmers markets to create a more market driven and environmentally stable menu than exists in NY.

With the help of consulting chef Rene Ortiz (formerly of La Esquina), the two will also add several new fish and ceviche dishes, so the final menu will be a blend of classics from NY plus several new California-inspired creations. However, the overall goal will be to offer food at affordable prices, so no crazy price points here.
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