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Plywood Report: Cafe 140 South, New Organic Spot On The Way, Plus Stuzzichini in Brentwood

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1) Pasadena: Last Friday the switch became official and Crocodile Cafe is now Cafe 140 South. An Eater operative stopped by for some blue corn taquitos (still on the menu) and shares, "noticed new signage, different tables, different staff and uniforms, and funny looking kitchen towel like napkins for the tables. I had a new belgian draft beer...cause they were out of Craftsman's beers - hopefully not forever." [EaterWire]

2) Hollywood: On Cahuenga near Sunset Blvd. comes a new organic eatery. While it was supposed to open this summer, the space is still under construction with a currently non-working website. [EaterWire]

3) Brentwood: Another Italian eatery to join the slew on San Vicente, this time called Stuzzichini (Italian tapas). The restaurant-to-be is taking over 11633 San Vicente Blvd. and is headed by a company called Gordo Enterprises. Hm... [EaterWire]