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Week in Reviews

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No long tangents today as J.Gold delves right into the matter at hand: Korean BBQ, more specifically pork belly at the recently opened Don Dae Gam, a sibling to the "high end" Park Dae Gam which is best known for putting "the fragrance of hardwood charcoal into the meat and not into your hair." This new spot is more casual and serves "multimeat combination barbecue dinners...[but] it’s all about the pig and the of the best dishes in the house is a huge tureen of pork belly, rice noodles and baby octopus set to simmering after you are finished with the meat, a roiling red mass, not half as spicy as it looks, which bubbles and seethes and slicks the tiny cephalopods with pork fat, garlic and chile, as it reduces into a thick, shiny stew...have you become a pig? You bet." [LAW]