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The Dish: Oliverio Soft Opens At Avalon Beverly Hills Hotel

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Thanks to Kelly Wearstler (the Viceroy), the Avalon Beverly Hills Hotel has a fresh new look and an entirely new restaurant and chef to boot. The concept is Italian headed by chef Mirko Paderno (All'Angelo, Cecconi's) with the restaurant changing names from blue on blue to oliverio, first lowercase b now lowercase o. Paderno is describing has menu as “Italian food with regional touches,” and he sources all his meats from this state alone, and utilizes seasonal ingredients from Avalon's rooftop garden. The menu is divided up into six categories (antipasto, insalata e crudo, pasta e risotto, pizzetta, carne e pesce, contorno) and ranges from the simple caprese to the more involved saffron risotto with pan-seared bone marrow. Back on the design side of things, it's a sea of blues and greens. Retro-inspired furniture, long banquettes, and geometric wall designs revamp both the interior dining space as well as the poolside terrace and cabanas. The look is supposed to mimic Italy in the 1950s. oliverio is currently in its soft opening phase and will fully debut later this month. 9400 W Olympic Blvd.; 310-277-5221; website