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Plywood Update: Lunch and Libra

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Culver City: Back with more buzz on the two new eateries slowly claiming the old Stellar True Value Hardware space on Main Street; Lunch and Libra. Let's start with Lunch. This may come as a shocker but Lunch plans to serve lunch (and eventually dinner), more specifically 10 signature sandwiches and salads, along with build-your-own options (think The Counter). Owner Michelle Nigro stressed the lack of trendy, newfangled ingredients in her sandwiches and salads, saying that they would rather incorporate traditional comfort flavors. Lunch will serve beer and wine in addition to extras like sangria and sake-based mixed drinks. Nigro isn't worried about the crowded market in Culver City, seeing Skratch as the only other affordable sandwich shop nearby (quickly adding that she perceives Tender Greens as a bit pricier than Lunch).

She is hoping to emulate the vibe of The Other Room (Venice), describing Lunch as a neighborhood gathering place, a stop for drinks after work, and a potential spot to watch the game. As a side note, according to Nigro, Culver City may be passing out the last of its restaurant permits, as the streets are already getting too crowded. Evident in the shots above, the eatery still has some work to do, though Nigro is shooting for an opening in two to three weeks. The utilitarian roots of the space shows through in the minimalist design. Check out the exposed brick wall, simple leather banquette lining the entire south side of the restaurant, and the large white counter that will serve as the order and pick-up space, plus allow for bar seating.

Next Door: A bit further behind in the construction process is Libra which takes up the other half of the hardware store. Above is a barebones sneak peek of the Korean-Brazilian Barbecue outlet where guests will pick their own choice of ingredients and chefs will cook them on the spot. [EaterWire] —Yvonne Ip