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EaterWire: Beer and Cheese Made By Monks, Supermarkets Slash Prices

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BEVERLY HILLS— Next up for The Beverly Hills Cheese Store comes Heavenly Beers & Cheeses Made by Monks. The two hour tasting will include Blonde, Triple and Double Ales like Chimay, Maredsous, Grimbergen, Trappistes Rochefort and St. Bernardus, with cheeses like Chimay, Tome Rochefort and Montidescats. The tour takes place September 15 and 16, tix are $50, email the shop for a resy. [EaterWire]

OUT AND ABOUT— In an effort to sway back customers who have been shopping at cheaper stores, today Vons dropped prices on 15% of its products.* Ralphs plans to do the same while Albertson's and Fresh & Easy are already onboard. [SI]