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Foxtail to MI6, Not Quite Open, But Open If You're Famous

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As last noted Foxtail had gotten the shutter with plans of a renovation to turn the space into another glitzy SBE hideout. Yesterday circa 11:50p we found ourselves driving on Santa Monica Blvd past Dan Tana's past, lo and behold, an insanely long line of scantily clad blondes standing outside the once Foxtail. A quick glance at the valet stand gave away the name, MI6 aka Foxtail 2.0. As it turns out, the new lounge/restaurant situation isn't opened just yet, however it was open enough for Brody Jenner to throw himself a belated birthday party there last night. No word just yet on the real opening, but that does explain the lines and blondes. [EaterWire]