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Week in Reviews: Three Big Ones for RH at the Andaz

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After originally snubbing RH at the Andaz because it was a hotel restaurant and because she didn't love the menu, SIV switches gears and not only visits RH but gives chef Sebastien Archambault a glowing three star review. It's all about the new menu and savoring southwest France, but SIV is on board the whole way:

"There are rich, rustic astonishing soup, an intense chicken broth enriched with garlic sautéed in duck fat...and then there is the insanely delicious périgourdine poached egg...[the] duck confit is the best I've had in LA...and then there are the fries...we would have been into our third [order] if we hadn't come to our senses."
And the praise doesn't end there. There is a "haute" burger and an "elegant" mushroom and green onion tart, the list goes on and on. But a review wouldn't be complete without the weekly dose of "missteps," which this week include the crayfish risotto, foie gras ravioli, and the suckling piggie. Anyway three stars is a feat considering that most reviews lately haven't crossed over the 2.5 line, so hats off to that. [LAT]

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