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Jason Neroni Announces New Restaurant Gig

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In a recent interview with Metromix, Jason Neroni, the now former chef of New York's 10 Downing, has announced that he will take over Blanca in Solana Beach. The move results from no bad blood, after having a baby Neroni simply wanted to move closer to the fam in Orange County. At Blanca, one of San Diego's top fine dining establishments, Neroni says, "I will be going back to the roots of the cooking I was doing at (the shuttered) 71 [Clinton Fresh Food]. I don’t want to use the word constrained, but at 10 Downing we don’t use any soy sauce or miso, which are ingredients that are a big part of my repertoire... the [new] kitchen has pretty much every toy a chef would want, which is actually the most exciting part to me. It’s all flat tops. Two different ice cream machines. What is also key about Blanca is that it’s located across the street from Chino Farms, which is the vegetable producer in California. It basically gave Wolfgang [Puck] and Alice Waters their produce." [Metromix]
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