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SPONSORED POST: Next Iron Chef City Challenge, 1st Rd.

In advance of the October 4 premiere of The Next Iron Chef on the Food Network (9 pm), Eater is staging an elimination tournament with the chefs to determine the best food city. Two chefs a day tell us why their city is tops—and your vote determines which city moves on. Today, Dominique Crenn talks up Paris, and Roberto Trevino praises San Juan.

[Dominique Crenn and Roberto Trevino. Images courtesy The Food Network]

Which city is home in your chef's heart? Ideally, it's the city you grew up in.
DC: Paris, France.
RT: San Juan.

What's the first and most essential restaurant stop when you return to that city?
DC: Cafe Le Nemrod.
RT: I like to go directly to Piñones on the beach for some great Puerto Rican street food.

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