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Week in Reviews: Cache Catches 2.5 Stars

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These days you just never know with The Lady of Virbila and today is no exception as she hands out two and a half stars to Josiah Citrin's Cache. Food is simplified and more casual than at his well known Michelin-rated Melisse, and Citrin "isn't going to set the world on fire creatively but delivers delicious food at an affordable price in a smart setting." SIV has very little negative criticism criticism of the food:

" Flatbreads...are oval, thin-crusted and irresistible...marrow bone [is] served with skinny toasts covered in richly flavored mushroom duxelles...a special risotto turns out to be as perfect a rendition as I've had anywhere recently... on Wednesday and Thursday nights, you can get a great burger [and] glorious thick-cut fries as well."

And the oohs and aahs go on and on until SIV gets to dessert which she bluntly describes as "weak." But she doesn't seem to care because, "Oh, well, who had room anyway?" [LAT]

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