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From SBE Headquarters: Bolthouse Split Confirmed

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Today SBE officially announced its separation from partner Brent Bolthouse. Take a gander at the press release below with the confirmation and info on additional upcoming SBE projects:

SBE confirmed recent reports that its working relationship with Bolthouse Productions has ended. 'We have appreciated the contributions of Brent Bolthouse and Jennifer Rosero to the SBE family over the years and wish Brent, Jen and everyone at Bolthouse continued success as they pursue other opportunities,' said SBE CEO Sam Nazarian. In building SBE’s Nightlife business, Sam Nazarian has always kept his finger on the pulse of the most creative promotional partnerships and innovative concepts and continues this legacy with the next chapter in LA Nightlife – “Mi-6” on Santa Monica Boulevard. This will be followed quickly by the opening of Hyde at Staples Center and recent acquisitions of landmark nightlife venues Halo and Nacional; both of which will be significantly re-designed and launched in the coming months.
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