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EaterWire: Jay Perrin and Mark Peel's Collaboration Yields The Tar Pit, Skewers on Wheels Debuts Tomorrow

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MID-CITY— Well, the website is now up for Jay Perrin and Mark Peel's forthcoming hub of mixology officially titled The Tar Pit. Per the site, the restaruant/cocktail space will open in November but don't call it a speakeasy because Perrin isn't a fan of that term. In other Perrin/Peel news, The Point, which was supposed to open this week, has been delayed for another week or so. This is going to be a great Oct/Nov double whammy for the P brothers. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN— Tomorrow, Skewers on Wheels, a new mobile eatery, will hit the streets serving a variety of (huge shocker) skewered meats "grilled on traditional Japanese charcoal." Remember the hint that Marked5 was starting up a new truck concept? Well here it is. Bug 'em and try 'em at the Soapbox race manana. [Thrillist]