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What's Going On Here, Sona?

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Seems like the Myers empire might not have work out as planned. First came the Boule shutters, now it looks like Sona could be up next. This would leave Comme Ca in the wake (plus Pizzeria Ortica in Costa Mesa), and perhaps the bakery still in the works. We (and so did some Hounders) stumbled upon a notice declaring the upcoming sale/auction of the Sona property including furniture, equipment, that works. However a quick call to the restaurant produced a "no, we're not up for sale, it's business as usual." Hm:

"Notice is hereby given that all assets of the restaurant SONA, LLC will be sold... at a public sale on Wednesday, September 30, 2009, at 10AM (PDT)... Assets shall include all inventory, furniture, fixtures, equipment, and any and all other assets of SONA, LLC. The assets shall be sold to the highest qualified bidder. Assets shall be sold in bulk, as a unit, or in parcels, on an 'as is, where is' basis, without representation or warranty of any kind."

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Comme Ça

8479 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069 323-782-1104