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A (Grand) New Home for Grace

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Downtown: So, apparently that rumor was somewhat accurate because Daily Dish shares that Neal Fraser's Grace may be moving into a new downtown home by the end of next year. He and wife Amy Knoll Fraser are currently attempting to raise $2.5 million to rent the rectory portion of the 133-year-old Baroque St. Vibiana Cathedral which has been used as an event space in the past. If the plan comes to fruition, there will be a 100-seat dining room, dining courtyard with 30-foot bar, private dining rooms on the second floor, another private dining room in the cellar, and a second-floor bar and lounge. Other added bonuses include "hand-painted ceilings, arched walkways, French doors, beamed ceilings, [and] 19th century ironwork." To get a full picture of the Cathedral's astonish grandeur, head here. [DD]

210 S. Main St., los angeles ca