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EaterWire: Dukes Gets A Revamp, La Bottega Updates

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WEHO— It's been a staple on Sunset Blvd since opening in 1986 1968, but as of last May Dukes has acquired a new owner, Kelly Li. The diner is now snazzied up with with booths, a bright new orange, white, and brown color scheme, in addition to a simplified slightly healthier menu. While some of the old rock memorabilia still bedecks the walls, most of it has been removed for the renovation but will be replaced shortly. Kelly has also applied for a beer and wine license, so that's in the works as well. [EaterWire]

BEVERLY HILLS— Unfortunately, La Bottega Marino on Santa Monica is still not open but it is expect to debut "any day now" according to an employee at the West LA eatery. Once opened, the Bev Hills spot will be more upscale than the prior two spaces and feature more of an Il Grano/La Bottega synthesis. [EaterWire]