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Fall Tracking: Fio, L.A. Reflection, Meet Bar & Grill

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1) Mid-City: What appears to be a French Provincial eatery called Fio is under way at the corner of Beverly and Spaulding. The 2,400 square foot restaurant should debut in about a week, will serve food from 11a to midnight seven days a week, with about eight sidewalk seats for al fresco dining. [EaterWire]

2) Downtown: Slated to open Spring 2010 comes a mediterranean-influenced eatery called L.A. Reflection headed by by Michael Simon and Sam VaGor. The restaurant will be located next door to the new Los Angeles Police administration building downtown at 155 S.Main St. [EaterWire]

3) Culver City: Some more plywood was spotted on Culver Blvd. Taking over the former space of Hermitage Bistro now comes Meet Bar & Grill. [EaterWire]

9727 Culver Blvd. los angeles ca