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EaterWire: More on Mo-Chica, Villa Sorriso Hosts Michael Jackson Burial Reception, The Pucks Get Sued

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Photo: LA TACO

DOWNTOWNMo-Chica! Mo-Chica! Mo-Chica! Seems like everybody's talking about this Peruvian abode, now Saveur has hopped on the bandwagon. [Saveur]

PASADENA— Good luck navigating through Old Town tonight. The Jackson family has bought out Villa Sorriso on Colorado Blvd. to host Michael Jackson's Burial Reception for 250 family members and friends. [SI]

WOLFGANG'S WORLD— Today the NY Times via Eat Me Daily writes that Wolfgang Puck and his wife Gelila are being sued over a .food domain. The plaintiffs claim Puck "has stopped promoting the effort and that his wife falsely claimed to have connections with influential people in the media who would help them," among other allegations. [NYT]


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