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The Dish: URBNMRKT, Lomo Arigato

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Lomo Arigato
Lomo Arigato
Photo: cfarivar

1) Downtown: As of Wednesday, USC now has another swanky dining establishment to call its own, URBNMRKT. The casual spot is geared to serving breakfast and lunch with some items available for grab and go, all of which are reasonably priced in the $2-$5 range for breakfast and between $5-$7 for sandwiches/salads, 'cause hey, college students are mostly broke. The entire industrial space seats 50 and was designed by A.C. Martin Architects (same people who created The Lab that won an AIA award back in June). 3434 Grand Ave.; 213-821-8001; website

2) Around Town: As of today, Lomo Arigato has hit the streets. It's all about Peruvian fusion (inspired by Mr.Matsuhisa himself) with stir fry-esque offerings in the form of saltado, tallarin saltado, and chaufa, mixed with your choice of protein. Thrillist has the full rundown here. [Thrillist]