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Say Cheese: The Grilled Cheese Truck Oozing Out Soon

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You're now allowed to salivate. Next up in the ongoing food truck chronicles is The Grilled Cheese Truck, serving, you guessed it, cheese in the melted form. But hey, these are not your Mama's grilled cheese lunches. So far there will be Cheesy Mac and Rib, southern macaroni and cheese, house-smoked BBQ pork and caramelized onions between bread, and a Brie situation with brown butter apples and fresh herbs. And per their Twitter page, a smoked Gouda melt with crushed crispy tots and a bacon crust is in the works. No calorie counting here. The prerequisite homemade tomato soup, and bread and butter pickles will be available as sides, and for dessert? Surely, a roasted banana and Nutella sandwich will do. [LAist]