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The Early Virb: Stefan's at LA Farm

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It was only a matter of time before the Lady of Virbila had something to say about Stefan Richter and his new restaurant, Stefan's at LA Farm. Though she has yet to try everything on the menu, her first words are almost all encouraging. The Kumamoto oyster with absinthe jello and fennel vinaigrette is a hit, as is the pig's head appetizer and the pork cheek and caraway sausage with sauerkraut pretzel dumplings. No "missteps" here just yet except maybe the choice of location: "The crowd doesn't seem to have found Richter. And the location on a lonely stretch of Olympic Boulevard not far from the Buffalo Club is hardly a hot spot." Submit your early thoughts on Stefan's at LA Farm and we'll compile a Good News/Bad News later this week. [LAT]