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Week in Reviews: A Mere 1/2 Star For Boa on Sunset

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Yikes, another 1/2 star pan from Dutchess Virbila, today the incomplete star goes out to newcomer Boa on Sunset. Not the hugest shock though because back in mid-July Virbils' early commentary centered around the wow factor of the BOA space, not so much the food. Once again, hats off to Tag Front for designing "a dramatic and very urban steakhouse" with a "sexy bar...plenty of sofa real estate" and a glamourous outside patio that "doesn't get much better than this." Unfortunately, "the food definitely takes second seat to the scene" and while her first visit produced "decent" fare, second visit eats were "awful in every way." SIV's last visit was somewhere in the middle of decent and awful with overcooked steaks, except for the Wagyu and New York strip, and "dismal" sides save for the corn with lime. Desserts were so unacceptable, SIV barely mentions them at all. The sub-title of the article sums it all up, "the hip new West Hollywood steakhouse is a hot ticket, but not because of the food." [LAT]

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