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Opus, Red Mango, Brix@1601, Chameau, Cora's Mexican

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Not one, two, or even three...but five shutters hot off the street. So sad, but hopefully this means fresh new blood coming in. Did we miss a spot? Drop a tip in the jar, svp.

1) K-Town: It lasted just about four years, but eek, news just in that Opus has shuttered and signage is already up for yet another Novel Cafe. Can't say we didn't predict this one... [EaterWire]

2) Santa Monica: The Great Melt is happening to some, but not others. Walking along Main Street this weekend we spotted a gutted Red Mango, sign and all (up above). Despite all the commotion about self-serve froyo and kiosks, this is not the first to shutter. [EaterWire]

3) Hermosa Beach: A tipster shares, "My wife was at Brix@1601 today and a staff member told her party that this weekend is the last weekend for this Hermosa Beach restaurant. I have no way to know if this is true or not." Although the website is still up and running, many attempts were made to call the restaurant over the past few days and never once did anyone answer. [EaterWire]

4) Mid-City: Although the windows are covered in graffiti and the interior is dead empty, Chameau's website states that the Moroccan/French restaurant is merely closed for remodeling. We'll see about that. Catering services are still available. [EaterWire]

5) Culver City: And lastly, to round up this massive shutter report, Cora's Mexican Restaurant is doneski as well. An eviction notice (yikes) dating back to September is posted on the door. [GS]


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