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Pastrami Wars

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2009_01_nora.pngEd Levine, on behalf of Serious Eats, enlisted none other than Nora Ephron herself to judge a Biggie vs. 2Pac East Coast - West Coast Pastrami-Off. Katz's hand sliced pastrami proved flavorful and balanced, with nooks and crannies, and plenty of juice. But, what has put Langer's at the top, time and time again, is its double-baked rye bread. A side-lined revelation? Put Katz's meat on double-baked rye. Lots of pastrami was consumed, but no winner was formally announced because Nora wanted a re-do with Langer's meat hand-sliced just like Katz's. Stay tuned. [SE]

Langer's Deli

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