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1.5 Stars For The "New" Osteria La Buca

After all the drama with Filippo and Mama leaving Osteria La Buca, SIV decides to give the rustic Italian restaurant another shot. One and a half stars later she declares it "still up to Mama's standards." Chef Alberto Lazzarino (Melograno) has taken over Mama's old stomping ground and turns out

"thin-crusted pizzas, distinctive pasta dishes, specials of the day, and a small selection of main courses at prices lower than before. The repertoire is fairly standard as yet, but for the most part, dishes are executed with precision and a sense of what tastes good and appeals to the eye. It's so simple, he could probably cook everything on the menu blindfolded. Still, the kitchen isn't as consistent as it should be. Some nights, everything is delicious; others, just average.

On the bright side, Virbs appreciates the lack of sticker shock upon reading the wine list, in addition to the "well-designed salads," and "good fresh pasta...that has always been one of Lazzarino's strengths." Oddly enough, she consistently refers to the food as "ok," yet ends with "Every neighborhood needs someplace like this." Hm.
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Osteria La Buca

14235 Ventura Boulevard, , CA 91423 (818) 456-1216 Visit Website

Osteria La Buca

5210 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90038