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Sports Bar Claims Food Court LA Space, Libra Nearing Completion, Red Eye Sold

1. Mid-City: It's been a big mystery as to the concept that has replaced Food Court LA on 3rd. "G.D. Happy Properties Inc." claimed the space, and then there were rumors that the space would either become a gastropub or sports bar. After stopping by yesterday, Eater was told by a man with a very strong accent that the place is becoming a sports bar named "goal" or "gol" or "agoal"? All very unclear as to the name. Anyway, the place looks nice inside (apologies for the blurry photo above), rustic wood walls, dark wood all over, surprisingly tasteful for a sports bar. No tv screens up just yet, but there's oval shaped bar and space for banquettes on the sides. Also, looks like they're building a patio into the front and definitely a full kitchen in the back. [EaterWire]

2. Culver City: Remember Libra next door to Lunch? Well, the Korean bbq spot is finally nearing completion, check out the photo above. [EaterWire]

3. Hollywood: And as for the lack of construction on Red Eye, the burger bar that never was, owners have now sold the place. Word on the street is that the new proprietors plan to turn the space to a New Orleans-style restaurant. No word if Kris Keith will stay on board on this project. [EaterWire] —YE


3829 Main Street, Culver City, CA