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R Lounge Debuts Tomorrow, IDG Donates To Haiti, Raffles L'Ermitage To Become Viceroy Beverly Hills

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STUDIO CITY— Opening tomorrow on Ventura is R Lounge, "the first Ultra Lounge of its kind, not just in Studio City but in the surrounding areas" according to a press blurb. The pictures really say it all, low loungy seating, bottle service, you know the drill. Do note, "STRICT DRESS CODE Enforced" and "We offer bottle service at reasonable prices." [EaterWire]

AROUND TOWN— Next Tuesday Innovative Dining Group will donate 20% of the day's sales at all their restaurants to help those in Haiti. That include Katana, BOA, Sushi Roku, and Robata Bar. [EaterWire]

BEVERLY HILLS— Today Hotel Chatter shares news that Raffles L'Ermitage will be converted into a Viceroy Hotel. The transformation won't be complete until later this year, and naturally there will be a restaurant involved somewhere in there. [EaterWire]

R Lounge

11610 Ventura Blvd, studio city, ca, 91604