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Christian Bale at The Six, The Real Dan Tana at Dan Tana's, Sally Field and Jerry Bruckheimer at Lago, MORE

Welcome back to StarWatch, your ongoing chronicle of celebrity sightings from across the L.A. dining's been a while. Want to submit a sighting yourself? You know the number.

1) The Six: "Christian Bale eating a Banh Mi burger at The Six Tuesday. Made a copy for the doubters and pessimists." [Starwatch Inbox]

2) Napa Valley Grill: "Actress Nia Long was spotted having a leisurely business lunch on the patio with her agent today, Thursday, January 14." [Starwatch Inbox]

3) Whole Foods: "Alfre Woodard at Venice Whole Foods Friday afternoon about 4:45 pm, cart full of a lot of lemons. She looked good. Also bought flowers." [Starwatch Inbox]

4) Lago: "At Lago in Santa Monica last Saturday evening (1/9): Sally Field and a gal pal, plus producer Jerry Bruckheimer with his wife." [Starwatch Inbox]

5) Dan Tana's: "At Dan Tana’s Tuesday 1/5/10: The actual Dan Tana, George Clooney and his girlfriend, Roger Clemens with a group, all with plastic U. Texas cups." [Starwatch Inbox]

Inside The Six.

The Six

10668 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90064