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Checking In At The Surly Goat, Opening "Soon"

Don't act surprised, Ryan Sweeney and Adolfo Suaya's The Surly Goat is still not opened. The city of Los Angeles is enforcing some new building code mumbo jumbo and that's what's causing the hold up. It could be a week, it could be three. Ugh. Nevertheless, we stopped by for a little sneak peek. Not only is the decor coming together quite nicely, but the beer menu is stacking up to be one of the biggest in the city. Up to 100 bottles, 28 beers on tap, aged wines, fine spirits and reserve liquors. There is indeed a large walk-in cooler to the left of the bar which will house only about a fourth of the beer collection. The rest will be kept in the back near an aging cellar for Sweeney's hand-picked wines. Check out the comfy seating, bar area tables, cocktail-style lounge, and the private red room filled with pictures of goats (what else) and antique German beer posters (imagine what that will look like after tossing back a few).

Patio seating is available in the front and side of the building, but parking is a bit hard to come by, so valet will be on hand. In terms of food, Sweeney originally considered pairing up with the Hot Knives guys for some cheese action, but since the building has a full kitchen, Sweeney and Co. are mostly undecided about this. They expect to serve food at some point, but will most probably open their doors with killer beer, wine, and liquor list as well as a small menu of "cheeses and chocolate." As for cocktails Sweeney says, "when we did our research, mixology really started as something you did with moonshine. If you had the good bourbon or rye, you drank that straight up," and in light of this, expect a liquor list to make even the city's finest hotels blush. Sure, anyone can order a Manhattan or Gibson at The Surly Goat - but with a drink list like theirs, who would want to?
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— Daniela Galarza

The Surly Goat

7929 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046 323 650 4628 Visit Website

The Surly Goat

7929 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA