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Thinkage on Thomas Keller's Bouchon

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It's been almost a full week since any major publication in LA gushed about anything Thomas Keller or Bouchon Beverly Hills-related (seriously). And so it's time once again for the segment everyone loves to hate where we check in and see what the people, the patrons of this great city, have to say. After all, everyone's a critic, right? Comments are always welcome after the obligatory jump.

The city's newest French Bistro has been open for almost two full months and who can forget that opening party extravaganza! The truffle-scented Keller fairy dust has settled. Beverly Hills has made its lunch reservations into this new year. The celebrity sightings continue to trickle in and the city's printed critics have each said their piece. Let's review:

The Ridiculously Stupid Good News: "...At this point, Noah and I looked up at each other and we both had a stupid grin; the type of facial expression and inner feeling that comes from 'This is just so absurdly, stupidly delicious that we might as well stop eating now because nothing else after this can top it-type of experience...'" [Chowhound]

The Charming Server News: "Our waiter provided great service and was adorable in a in-college-working-at-a-fancy-restaurant way. He forgot the specials but was charming and straight forward about his mistake; he pulled out his dupe pad and rattled them off after a quick glance. And he gave me a fresh batch of toast to go with the foie-gras-terraine-in-the-$10-jar that I was taking home, plus a small container of the grey salt! It was a wonderful dinner, and I hope to be back soon." [Yelp]

The Fois Gras News: "Their Foie Gras Terrine is truly the embodiment of unctuous. Silky, creamy, buttery, pure sultry sexiness, and worth every penny of its $50 price tag. (FYI: It's also enough to feed ~5 people as a starter, easily.)" [Chowhound]

Sher Gets Excited: "Ladies who lunch: On your marks! Bouchon Beverly Hills just opened for lunch. The lighting is oh so flattering. The setting glamorous. And the food? Let's just say Beverly Hills has never experienced French bistro food so impeccably executed." [LA Times]

The Dessert News: "The Ile Flottante resembled a panna cotta yet had a looser consistency. The salted caramel sauce made to pour was divine... The almonds finished off the taste and gave the dessert an overall weight. Such a beautiful dessert. My lemon tart was refreshingly light. Pine nuts were in the crust and the consistency of the lemon for once wasn’t custard-like but incredibly fluffy. I wondered how they got the fluffy texture so brown, to which [they] divulged that it is broiled on multiple sides to achieve that color." [e*starLA]

The Good Comparison News: "I have dined at the Las Vegas location, so I was eager for this opening. I had a group of 3 for lunch and it was a delicious experience. I am disappointed that this location does not offer breakfast. Overall, a wonderful experience. I will be back as often as possible." [OpenTable]

The Not-So-Good Comparison News: "I've now had two meals at Bouchon already (yes, I was one of the very lucky ones), and neither lived up to the experiences I've had in Yountville. Perhaps it's the size, or the gaudy finishes, but the space just doesn't feel right - it's cold and soulless. The food was quite good, but our service was typical of other LA eateries - big on promises, but flat on delivery and depth of knowledge." [Eater Comments]

Ouchie: "Here's a tip: I went and it is NOT THAT GREAT. Hit Church & State instead.... " [Eater Comments]

The Picky-Picky News: "We went on Sunday and were really underwhelmed. We were served the pistachios and their bread. Pistachios? Hmm. After hearing about the Tuscan bean spread, I was disappointed. Started with the charcuterie (nice, but nothing spectacular), then the cote de boeuf and the steak frites. The short ribs at Church + State are far superior. When we asked our server if there was anything unique about the steak frites, he just cited their provenance (Elysian Fields). It was served with a carmelized onion compote and a compound butter. My dinner companion did not like the onion compote and to the credit of the management, they came over and inquired about the steak and took it off our bill." [Chowhound]

The Inevitable Spago Comparison: "The restaurant is very pretty inside, but the service is spotty. The waiter clearly was overworked, or overwhelmed, or both, and one of our party actually had to get up and go hunting for the waiter to get the bill when we needed to leave.... My chicken dish was overcooked and barely warm when it arrived... For the prices that this restaurant charges, the service and food experience should be MUCH better than this. I will not go back. Spago across the street treats and feeds you way, way better." [Yelp]

The Facebook News: "Congrats to the Bouchon team, may you feed many and make a statement here in Los Angeles. Your leader is a humble force to be heard." [Facebook]

From The Desk Of Mr. J. Gold: "Is this menu familiar? It is meant to be — if it weren’t for the high prices, Bouchon would be a place you were happy to take a nine-year-old. The service is attentive and kind. The kitchen seems happy to accommodate the sauce-on-the-side, fat-phobic or vegan needs of its customers without complaint. A sense of place? Bouchon has it to spare. The place is Beverly Hills." [LA Weekly]

Bouchon Bistro

2101 Galiano Street, , FL 33134 (305) 990-1360


235 N Canon Dr Beverly Hills, CA, 90210